Benefits of Using Sod Machines

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Benefits of Using Sod MachinesThere are several different types of sod machines that perform unique functions for your construction, farming, or gardening needs. The most common sod machine is a sod laying machine, which provides a much faster alternative to laying sod than having a crew of people lay it by hand. You can also find a sod laying attachment, which can hook onto various types and brands of construction equipment. Many of these attachments offer a secure locking system, which holds the sod pieces in place while you drive and carry them to their destinations. If your machine squeezes a sod roll too hard, it can cause damage to the seeds, soil, and roots, so make sure that your sod machines have a safety valve to prevent this problem.

If you need to clear a large area of land quickly, another option of sod machines is the sod cutter. You can choose from a motorized or manual machine, and most of the blades are squared off for an even and smooth result. The manual variety of sod machines is called a kick sod cutter, and you kick the lower crossbar on the handheld device, which pushes the blade through the grass and pulls it up at the roots. Motorized sod machines are much better for commercial landscaping purposes, especially for golf courses that have a substantial amount of grass to remove and replace.

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