Why Use Forklifts from Load Lifter?

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Why Use Forklifts from Load Lifter?Load Lifter has a quality collection of construction equipment for all types of jobs, including—you guessed it— forklifts! Whether you work in mining, lumber, forestry, agriculture, construction, or other industrial areas, Load Lifter has a forklift product that will make your job easier. At MST Sod Equipment, we are an authorized dealer of Load Lifter equipment, which makes it easier for you to shop for these machines in one place. We are located in Lakeland, Florida, so you can stop in to see what we have in stock. We carry more basic models, as well as top-of-the-line forklifts, and the pieces from each line have unique features that are very useful on a variety of jobs.

Load Lifter forklifts come in both two-wheel-drive and four-wheel drive, so you can select one depending on whether you and your team drive on a lot of undeveloped roads. Part of the innovative technology that Load Lifter uses in their forklifts is improved visibility, which will keep your workers safer while on the job. Hydraulic controls are responsive to the touch, and they provide excellent control of the machine. You can also adjust the seat in forklifts with just the push of a lever.

Since your jobs will often have tight quarters, Load Lifter has improved each forklift to have an even better turning radius. They can carry loads of several tons up to 30,000 pounds, which makes it easier to lift and transport even very heavy items while on the job. The brakes on forklifts are also much improved, with anti-lock technology, even if they get wet.

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