Laying Sod, Lakeland, FL

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Laying Sod 101: Why & How You Should Lay Sod in Lakeland, FL

Laying Sod, Lakeland, FLIt might sound appealing to plant seeds and watch your grass grow, but it can take several months before you have a lush, full lawn. Laying sod is a much easier way to plant a beautiful green lawn in a much shorter time. The main benefit of sod (over seeding) is that your grass will be much more resistant to disease, weeds, and pests. Since someone has grown the sod over a 14-18 month period, the grass comes with a natural barrier to pesky critters and weed infestations.

Laying sod is fairly simple, although if you make mistakes while putting it down, it may struggle to grow. Start out by aerating and tilling your soil, and check the pH level before you start the process. Sod will thrive in soil that is in a pH range of 6-7.5, or that is a bit acidic. You can have your soil tested at a local lab. The next step in laying sod is to choose a type of grass that will do well in your climate. Most sod contains a mix of several types of grasses, so consider the climate and amount of shade in your yard before you buy. You should lay the sod within 24 hours of delivery for optimal results.

At MST Sod Equipment, we offer the tools, sod machines and expertise to help you lay sod like a pro. We are located in Lakeland, Florida, and provide service to residents of Central Florida and across the state.

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