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Shop Around for Tractor PartsA tractor has a lot of moving parts, any of which can break and cause the tractor to stop working. Your tractor contains an engine, and often when the tractor stops working, it is the engine tractor parts that are to blame. The tractor engine contains a hollow cylinder that looks like a soup can and closely fits a piston, which has rings around it that seal it against the walls of the cylinder. At the top of the cylinder is a head, which closes it off and keeps each part coated in motor oil. A spark plug threads through the cylinder head, which has a wire that provides the spark to start up the engine.

Your tractor also contains valves that open and close to allow air in and release exhaust. These tractor parts are spring-loaded, which keeps them tightly closed until a shaft forces them to release. A carburetor connects to the cylinder and supplies the engine with both fuel and filtered air. The last of the major tractor parts is the muffler, which is attached to the exhaust pipe and helps muffle the sound that comes from the motor.

If any of these tractor parts shows signs of wear or demise, make sure to get it repaired or replaced as soon as possible. A faulty tractor part can cause damage to other parts of the machine. At MST Sod Equipment in Lakeland, Florida, we carry a range of tractor parts for most of the top brands of tractors and equipment.

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